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Endlessly curious about how other women manage their days, I want to normalize the honest, authentic conversation around how we’re getting through our days. In each episode, I interview women about the schedule of their days, what they outsource, prioritize, and intentionally deprioritize. How do they make time for themselves and their relationships? If you like a “what’s in her bag?” or “what’s on her nightstand?”, you’ll probably love A Day In Her Life!

As for me, I am a working mom of two kids, a partner to my ever-patient husband, and a lover of one big, fluffy dog living just south of Boston. I know how important an outside walk a day is for my mental health, and still struggle to make it happen daily. You can hear my episode here!

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Do you ever meet a woman, or see someone on social media and want to know how they make their days work? SAME Welcome to A Day In Her Life - a podcast where I ask women to take me through a day in her life.